How much do FFL dealers charge to transfer firearms?

It depends on the dealer. Most dealers will charge $25 dollars for the service. You need to check with your FFL dealer that will be receiving the firearm to find out their exact rate.

Can ammo be shipped out with a gun?

No, Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased and shipped separately.

How do i return a product?

Returns are accepted for merchandise that is defective.

Calibrated Firearms will provide a refund or exchange on all defective firearms, prior to transfer, and accessories found defective within 10 days. Calibrated Firearms will have the defective items returned.  Please do not return packages prior to receiving a return authorization.

Do i need a license to buy gun?

Most states will not require you to have a permit to purchase a firearm, but we recommend you consult your local FFL dealer to make sure you are following all local regulations.

Remember that you are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws. Some states prohibit standard capacity magazines, some states prohibit suppressors or short-barreled rifles, and some states have restrictions on types or parts that may be used on AR-15 platform firearms.